guide to your fertility diet - interview with The Fertility Kitchen

What is a fertility diet? Listen to our interview with fertility nutritionist and founder of The Fertility Kitchen on the basics of a healthy fertility diet


Listen to this great interview with Charlotte from The Fertility Kitchen about how she supported herself through her IVF with a healthy diet and is now teaching others to do the same.




Charlotte battled infertility for over 3 years and was successful in her first cycle of IVF. She strongly believes the steps she took to implement a healthy fertility diet and to nurture herself emotionally were instrumental in her successful cycle.

She has since trained in fertility acupuncture and fertility nutrition and is bringing together her knowledge and love for food at The Fertility Kitchen to help others through.

A Quick guide to your fertility diet

In this interview, we cut through some of the confusing messages around what is a good fertility diet and focus on 3 main tips.

We also talk in depth about how you can support yourself at specific stages of IVF with your diet particularly around downregulation, stimulation and in preparing for embryo transfer.

Charlotte is now building a specific recipe book for IVF which you can register to be the first to hear about here.

Finally, we delve into how Charlotte supported herself emotionally through IVF and how she leaned on nutrition to empower her through the journey and used meditation and mindfulness as key tools to support her emotional wellbeing.

Supporting yourself through IVF

For more information on how you can support yourself emotionally through IVF, check out our revolutionary online guide ‘IVF Thrive’ which provides specific support tools and information for each stage of IVF. Packed with video guides, meditations and a huge IVF Toolkit, these unique materials support you through IVF positively and empower you to take charge of your IVF journey.

In this episode:

  • Charlotte’s personal fertility story
  • What made her 1st IVF cycle successful
  • The 3 key elements of a healthy fertility diet
  • How you can support yourself through each stage of IVF with your diet
  • How taking charge of your diet helps you feel in control and in regulating your emotions
  • Charlotte’s recommendations for supporting yourself through infertility
  • A sneak peek into her new recipe book for IVF

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