goal setting for your fertility

I’m pretty sure your goal this year is to get pregnant… Am I right? You wouldn’t be here otherwise. This isn’t a club you would be in otherwise!

When everyone around you is talking about goals and new years resolutions, it’s easy to feel you can’t contribute to the discussion; that you can’t set any goals because plans are always changing depending on your fertility journey or treatment.

But you can set goals for the things that might support you to get pregnant and the things that support you whilst trying to get pregnant!

How does goal setting for your fertility work?

Goal setting works because when we focus on something, it’s where our energy and attention goes. If you set realistic goals and can clearly visualise what it will be like when you start achieving it – you’re much more likely to make real change happen.

So what do you want to change? To help you identify and set your goals, download your FREE goal setting workbook. Join Today or Login To Access!

This workbook will help you think through what elements you want to change e.g. diet, exercise, mindset and get really clear and specific about making that change happen.

In addition to the workbook, we’re giving you another free gift – a powerful meditation to help you tune into what you need. Some of our goals or the things we need to change aren’t always in our conscious awareness. We’re aware that something needs to change but you don’t know where to start.

Download your free inner guide meditation. Join Today or Login To Access!

Listen to this when you have a quiet, undisturbed moment and after you’ve listened to it, you might want to make some notes to help you download what you’ve learned.

If you would like more support on setting some goals and making changes in your life and mindset, book a free fertility breakthrough call directly with Karenna here

Karenna Wood

Karenna Wood

Fertility Coach, Founder of Your Fertility Hub

Karenna Wood is an international fertility coach, founder of Your Fertility Hub and passionate advocate for more emotional support and information for women trying to get pregnant. She’s an expert in mind-body tools and when not blogging, podcasting, coaching or speaking is…fast asleep!