You are stronger and braver than you ever thought possible!!

But you could still do with a helping hand every now and then!

Download your FREE strengthening meditation and be guided on a journey to strengthening your emotional boundaries, releasing negative thoughts that are weighing you down and bringing in any resources you need for your journey. Join Today or Login To Access!

How to use the strengthening meditation

This 22-minute relaxation and fertility visualisation is best used at a time you can relax in a quiet, undisturbed place. Please don’t listen to this whilst driving or doing anything that requires your full concentration.

Either sit or lie down, rest your head and close your eyes. Use headphones if this is more comfortable for you. You can listen to this multiple times, as each time will be slightly different for you and will reinforce the positive changes you are making. 

What can I expect?

If this is the first time you’ve used an in-depth visualisation, you might be surprised at how quickly and easily you are able to visualise everything.

You can expect to be in a deep, relaxed state. You are still in complete control and can ‘awaken’ at any time.

The more you practice meditations, the deeper and quicker you will go into your relaxed zone.

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