Using your inner guide to help you with finding direction and clarity for your fertility journey

Are you feeling stuck or lost and don’t know which way to go?
Are you trying to make a big decision?
Are you feeling low and not sure how to move forward?

Sometimes the answers you’re looking for are already within, but you just don’t know it yet or can’t seem to grasp the answers properly. Tune into this special podcast episode featuring a free meditation where you can meet your inner guide and get some answers for your journey.

Even if you’ve never ‘meditated’ before and are unsure, we encourage you to listen in and see how easily you can visualise your ‘inner guide’ and how you can achieve great clarity. Finding direction in life can be so hard and never more so than during infertility. This free meditation guides you gently through the process of listening to your intuition and bringing forward the guidance and resources that are already within you to help clear the way and light your journey.
What else is going on at Your Fertility Hub?

2018 is going to be a big year for Your Fertility Hub. There will be lots more great tips and tools in the podcast, more great free resources in Your Fertility Toolbox and we’re asking you to get in touch if there’s anything you would like to know more about, want us to blog or podcast about and any way in which we can support you more on the emotional side of your fertility journey. You can also join us on social media for our Monday motivational posts and Friday Funnies!

In this episode:

  • What to do if you’re feeling stuck or down
  • Finding direction on your fertility journey
  • How meditations and visualisations are proven to help you see more clearly and to reach your goals – as well as boost your body through the mind-body connection
  • Tuning into your inner guide through a free inner guide meditation – tune in for the full, free fertility meditation
  • A discounted offer for podcast listeners for the Your Fertility Meditations online course

Special Offer for podcast listeners


Receive 50% of the Your Fertility Meditations online short course by typing in ‘50MEDOFF’ at the checkout. This fabulous little course contains three meditations, a video tutorial and workbook teaching you about the power of meditations for fertility and giving you the tools to start using them today. You get unlimited lifetime access to the materials and also access to our free Your Fertility Toolbox with more meditations and great resources for your fertility journey.

“Meditations, because some answers can’t be found on Google!”

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