There are often multiple factors that could be affecting your fertility. Learn more about these in our interview with natural fertility specialist Gabriela Rosa

When you’re on a fertility journey, you feel like you’re on a quest to discover the answer to why you’re not getting pregnant. Often it can be multiple factors that can be leading to infertility. In this interview with naturopath and fertility specialist, Gabriela Rosa from Natural Fertility Breakthrough in Sydney, we talk about these factors and her 11 pillars of fertility.

We delve into what she means by ‘minor factors’ and hear how some clients have between 30 – 80 minor factors affecting their fertility.

We chat about the important role of emotions and reducing stress when you’re trying to conceive and how men need just as much support in this area too.

Finally, we close on a beautiful discussion about the importance of having faith on your journey and that ‘you will be ok, no matter what’. She talks about how this change in belief can instantly set you off in a new direction.

In this episode:

  • What factors affect fertility
  • Natural ways to improve your chances of conceiving
  • How a holistic approach to infertility gets results
  • Looking into minor factors that could be stopping you from getting pregnant
  • The FERTILE method and the 11 pillars of fertility
  • The role of emotions in infertility
  • How to change your belief around your fertility journey to transform how you feel

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