This infertility story is so incredible, it’s almost unbelievable. Shen and her husband battled through recurrent miscarriage to international surrogacy, change of surrogacy laws mid-way through and then miraculously got pregnant naturally, TWICE! Hear it all here

We’ve had many incredible fertility stories featured on the Your Fertility Hub podcast, but I think Shen’s is one of the most courageous stories that demonstrates their willingness to NEVER GIVE UP!

Following the pain of 6 recurrent miscarriages, culminating in a week-long miscarriage where she gave birth to her fetus at home alone – they knew they had to look for another way. Following the miscarriages, international surrogacy with their own egg and sperm seemed the best way forward.

From recurrent miscarriage to international surrogacy

At the time, Thailand was the best option for international surrogacy from Australia and Shen tells of all the ups and downs, crazy running around for medication, flights and timing it all.

When in Thailand after the birth, disaster struck. Another couple decided to only take one of their twins back home, not only leaving their other baby but also a country in complete lockdown over surrogacy. Everything stopped. Shen and her husband were staying in a hotel will dozens of other parents with surrogate babies – all at different stages. As their son was a full genetic child of theirs, they were allowed home with their baby but they were one of the lucky ones.

When thoughts turned to having a sibling, they steeled themselves for the long journey ahead. Unbeknownst to Shen, her husband had been researching options. He didn’t want to go back to the days of recurrent miscarriages, international surrogacy was again the answer and his research led them to Russia.

International surrogacy in Russia

Just as they were collecting together winter clothes to cope with the minus 20-40 degree chill in Russia, Shen’s Mum planted a seed in her mind – what if she could conceive and carry a pregnancy naturally? As they’d never had trouble getting pregnant, Shen quickly conceived but never believed it would hold.

Continually delaying their trip to Russia as the pregnancy progressed, they still never relaxed believed this was possible. Drama ensued at 27 weeks when Shen awoke covered in blood – they feared the worst. Somehow, she managed to hold on to her little boy until 38 weeks.

Even more miraculously, they then went on to have a little girl completely naturally too.

In this interview, Shen opens up about this incredible story of recurrent miscarriages, international surrogacy and how amazing it was to carry and give birth to two children after their earlier ordeals. She shares how she coped and her advice for anyone else out there struggling right now.

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In this episode:

  • How they battled through 6 recurrent miscarriages before looking at other options
  • IVF couldn’t help them
  • From recurrent miscarriage to international surrogacy
  • International surrogacy options for Australians
  • The process of international surrogacy with your genetic child in Thailand
  • Coincidences and how the stars aligned for them
  • The brutal change of law in Thailand that nearly stopped them bringing their baby home
  • Investigating surrogacy in Russia for baby number 2
  • The idea that she could carry a pregnancy to term turned into a reality
  • How they went on to have 2 natural pregnancies
  • Talking to your child about surrogacy
  • Advice for anyone going through infertility right now

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