Thank you for listing on the Your Fertility Hub Directory.

Here is some additional information to help you maximise your listing and benefits with us.

I'm getting an error message

Most likely if you are receiving an error message like the below, it’s because you haven’t completed all the required fields (marked with a red star on the submission form). In particular, check your location (City and Country and required fields as just like Google, the search functionality uses location) and image sizes (see more information on images below).

Listing Images / Media

We encourage you to use good quality visual content on your listing with up to 5 images and as part of your membership. Use your business name and keywords in your image title.

Featured listings can also include video (using an embed code from YouTube)

The main banner image at the top of your listing is your Featured Image and is pulled directly from the first image you submit for your listing. We recommend you make this a banner size (as below) so it is not distorted in the banner and use a good image that will stand out amongst all the listings.

Please upload the fullwidth top banner image first. To display correctly, the banner must be 1800 wide x 500 pixels high at 72dpi.

All images to be uploaded in JPEG or PNG format. Max 2MB file size with smaller file sizes preferred. 

If you need support creating your banner or listing images, please contact us for graphic design support at an additional fee. 

Location for Digital & Global Businesses

Just like Google listings, we require some locational information to enable searches for your listing.

If you are a digital or global business, please identify a city and country for your listing. This is required for your listing.  

As our search functionality is very powerful your listing will appear under searches for all keywords, tags and wording in your listing.

Payment & Coupon Codes

Your listing is pending until payment is completed and the listing has been approved. If you don’t complete checkout but submitted your listing, your listing details still come through to us but can’t be processed until payment is completed. 

If you have a coupon code for your listing/s, please add this at the checkout.

You will receive an invoice to your registered email address.

Don't forget your profile image and bio

Once you have submitted your listing, you also need to add a profile image and short biography which shows through onto your listings.

You can do this when you log into your account. 


Choose from a main category or subcategory for your listing. This is important as users will search via both keywords and categories.

We are happy to create new subcategories so please contact us with your specific desired category.

If your business fits into multiple categories, consider multiple listings with varying content e.g. display your services, books, podcasts etc in their own category to get maximum standout. We offer discounts for group listings and all your listings are linked together promoting further visibility.

* Events and Business Listings are separate types of listings with a separate submission form.


Once you have your business listing, you are able to add events too. This is currently free when you have a standard or featured listing.  

The events can be both in-person and virtual events as well as recurring events e.g. a support group on the first Monday of the month.


Reviews on a third-party website like Your Fertility Hub are incredibly important and a valuable part of your listing benefits.

To make the most of this feature, encourage clients to review you on your listing by promoting this on your website, social media and any client paperwork.

You can also contact us for an embed code so you can share your ‘Your Fertility Hub’ reviews directly on your own website (similar to a hotel having Trip Advisor reviews on their website.) This is a very powerful endorsement tool.

Featured Listings

Featured Listings are shown first before all other listings in that category. We also display featured listings in rotation on our directory home page. Each featured listing also has a prominent sticker highlighting it as featured.

Featured listings can also display videos and special offers. These special offers are fed through directly to a rotating spot on the directory homepage. 

You can upgrade your listing to featured in your account and benefit from increased visibility across the site and within your category. The extra fee is $150 per annum and is prorated through the year. Alternatively, please contact us for more information or for our full range of partnership opportunities.

Group Listings

If you operate more than one business/location you can create a group listing. 

This has multiple benefits – not only will your listings be linked when people are searching but also when creating your listings all standard information will be copied across all your listings e.g. branding etc. You choose which information is standard. 

Select ‘group listing’ and add your first listing. Here you will select which fields are the same across all your group listings e.g. logo. phone number, business hours etc. Once completed, go into your account and select ‘add franchise’ to add further listings. These are at a reduced rate rather than the normal listing fee. 

Contact us for details or support in creating your group listing

Expert Articles - Guest Blog Guidelines & Submission Details

Your Fertility Hub is a collective of voices with the common aim of helping women & couples to be more informed and have more positive fertility journeys.

As a directory member, one of your benefits is the submission of one expert guide or blog each year. This positions you / your company as an expert in your field, is cross-promoted via social media and overall helps to drive more traffic to your listing, website or social channels.

General Guidelines

  • Your content must be original (not posted on your website/blog or submitted to other sites)
  • Please only submit one submission at a time
  • We do not accept content from non-directory members or SEO agencies seeking backlinks
  • If you are submitting video content, please upload to your YouTube channel and include the link and embed code or share a download link to us
  • We ask you for your keyword – this is what your blog is all about. It can be a word or phrase but you will need to make sure this word or phrase features exactly in your title, first paragraph, some headers and through the content BUT in a natural way. ‘Stuffing’ your writing with your keyword will have the opposite effect. You can consider ‘long-tail’ keywords e.g. ‘what fertility supplements improve my chances of conceiving?’ as you’re mirroring what your audience would be typing into a search engine. These are often more effective at bringing good-quality traffic to your blog than using a very competitive keyword like ‘fertility’ or ‘IVF’ as it will be very hard for your blog to be visible amongst all the other articles online. We can assist you with this, so if you’re unsure leave it blank for now.
  • At the bottom of your blog will be an author’s information box featuring a photograph, brief biography and links to your website, social channels and listing. Please refrain from the over-use of other hyperlinks to your channels through your blog as all links will be available in the author’s box.
  • In submitting, you accept our website disclaimerterms and conditions and any form of editing by Your Fertility Hub to enhance your content for our community and to match our native language and style
  • All guest blogs are scheduled for release at a date of our choosing but if you have a specific event or date you wish to have the blog published for, please let us know
  • We will cross-promote your expert blog on our social media channels and tag you in. We encourage you to share on your channels too and link to the blog from your website.

Written Submission Tips

  • Write in the present tense and use ‘we’ or ‘you’ to speak directly to the reader
  • Avoid hyperbole, sensationalism or over-generalising – e.g. ‘eating sugar causes infertility.’
  • Be clear and concise and use headings and bullet points to break up the text
  • Some of our most-read blogs are the really specific ones so don’t be afraid to show your expertise on something specific e.g. Melatonin, Natural Killer Cells, specific supplements or diagnoses
  • Make your title inviting e.g. ‘5 ways to…., 1 thing you haven’t tried…., Why I would never…’. For your title, consider specifically what your reader might be searching for e.g. ‘IVF over 40 success stories’
  • We recommend you write any long content in a document and copy and paste into the below form to avoid losing data if you navigate away from the submission form.

Simply submit your content via our online form and we will be in touch soon to confirm release details and any editing queries.

If you have any queries please contact us at

Call to action URL

This is the main link you want people to follow from your listing. You can edit this at any time. Generally, this is for your website, but you can change this for a specific promotion, social channel or alternative link. Log in and edit your listing to change this.

Social Media

Currently, the directory supports Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn icons displayed in your profile plus YouTube/Vimeo embedded videos in your listing (Featured listings only).

If you wish to promote a different social media not listed above, please do so within your description.

If you would like to collaborate on social media and further promote your listing and partnership with us, please contact us. 

Editing your listing

We encourage you to log in and update your listing with any new information, promotions or imagery. Log in to your account and manage your listings, edit content, edit your subscription and add any more details. 

What are keywords?

Keywords tell our search engine and other search engines what your listing is all about.

We encourage you to add keywords to your listing to increase your visibility in search. Think about what your audience are typing into Google to find you. 

For example: acupuncturist, acupunture, fertility acupuncture, acupuncture london

There are some pre-populated common tags but please create your own specific tags when creating your listing.

Additional Services

We’re here to help you maximise your listing and benefits so if you need support with graphic design, guest blog writing, image selection or would like us to build your listing for you, please contact us for a quote. 

Supporting you

We are here to support you to get the best out of your listing so please email us at with any queries.