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What else can I do to get pregnant? (Free Checklist)

What else can I do to get pregnant? When you’re doing through infertility, you want to know you are doing all you can to help you get pregnant. Download our free infertility checklist to make sure you are implementing fertility friendly strategies as well as looking...

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Trying to Conceive: 5 Ways to Shift Your Mindset

I’ve called upon some powerful strategies to help my mindset throughout the twenty months (and counting) of trying to conceive. I’m hoping these tools may help others to navigate the turbulence of a situation that has the potential to be all-consuming and, for some,...

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Top 10 Episodes

  1. EP1 - Why the emotional side of fertility is so important
  2. EP2 - Stress and Fertility. How stress affects your fertility and top-5 stress-reduction strategies
  3. EP3 - Relaxation and Fertility. FREE guided meditation
  4. EP15 - Changing negative thoughts to improve your natural fertility
  5. EP20 - Faith and Fertility
  6. EP21 - Mindfulness: The secret weapon
  7. EP22 - Holistic approach to recurrent miscarriage
  8. EP23 - Managing emotions during IVF
  9. EP24 - Guide to your fertility diet
  10. EP25 - Exercise & Fertility

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