Receiving an ‘unexplained infertility’ diagnosis can be one of the most frustrating things to hear on a fertility journey. Even after a full fertility workup, every test known to man and likely months or years of trying to conceive yourselves, to be told ‘there’s no reason you can’t get pregnant’ is heartbreaking.

About 20-30% of couples trying to conceive will be given a diagnosis of Unexplained Infertility (UI) and in some ways, it’s harder to cope with than any other diagnosis. At least if you have a name, some numbers or levels that tell you something, you can then try do something about it. 

So what are your options?

Here are 5 ways to manage and cope with an Unexplained Infertility diagnosis:

  1. More tests and tracking – You might feel that your fertility tests weren’t comprehensive enough or that you want to pursue a particular avenue in more detail. Talk to your doctor about requesting more fertility tests and your reasons for wanting these. If you haven’t already, you could also look at tracking your cycle in detail and becoming more aware of when you ovulate, your cervical mucous and timing intercourse during your most fertile time.
  2. Seek a second opinion – There’s no harm in seeking another doctor’s opinion. In fact, here at Your Fertility Hub, we encourage you to do so if for any reason you’re not feeling satisfied or your gut instinct is telling you to make a change. Remember this is your fertility experience so make sure you’re in the driving seat and feeling satisfied with the care and information you are receiving.
  3. Fertility Treatment – Many couples diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility head straight into fertility treatments like IVF. IVF can be really successful and can show up some things that weren’t detected at the testing stage (read about how to prepare emotionally for IVF here). However, it is a big commitment, so the general recommendation is to start with minimal intervention options first. This is normally IUI (intrauterine insemination) with or without hormonal intervention. 
  4. Investigate lifestyle factors – Simple changes to your diet or lifestyle can have a big impact on your health and fertility. Investigate what changes you may need to make to your diet and the possibility of any allergies. We advocate starting a journal to record what’s working for you and also how you feel with the dietary changes. You can also review your exercise habits (too little or too much can affect fertility) and look into adding in yoga, acupuncture or supplements to the mix too. This is a huge area in itself – check out our lifestyle section here
  5. Mind-Body Tools – This is what Your Fertility Toolbox is all about. Here at Your Fertility Hub, we are specialists on the emotional side of your fertility. We have seen firsthand the massive transformations and successes women have had by paying attention to their emotional health as well as physical health. Combined with a fertility-friendly lifestyle, it really can be where the magic happens. Read more about this here

Mind-Body Tools and coping with Unexplained Infertility

Firstly, you need to remember that the diagnosis of Unexplained Infertility is due to the limitations of science, not you. Fertility tests are only designed to show up the major reasons behind your infertility, they’re not yet sophisticated enough to show up everything. 

Some people will take this head-on as a challenge and could practically develop a full-time job to finding the root cause! You might find something, but you might not.

What to do about an Unexplained Infertility diagnosis

Use your energy wisely and invest in yourself. Finding acceptance of an Unexplained Infertility diagnosis is incredibly difficult, but if you can move towards a more accepting place and not dwell on the lack of ‘WHY’, you will have the time and emotional energy to invest in your next steps.

As well as exploring your options, take some time to just ‘be’. Infertility can become all about ‘doing’ (tests, treatment, appointments) and it leaves little time for you. It’s really important to take some time for relaxation, creativity, self-care and to connect with people that make you feel good. 

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