I’m sat here writing this today one year on from surgery. I’m one of the lucky ones, they caught it early and I got checked today and told I have a ‘beautiful cervix’. Now you don’t hear that every day!

Why I’m sharing this with you

Now I know this isn’t strictly fertility related but I wanted to share this with you for a reason. I’ve battled with lots of doubts about whether to talk about it here but decided if it helps one person, it’s better aired than being another #silentheartbreak. 

Putting off my pap smear

I, like many women, am very busy and a pap smear is not always top of the list amongst ‘get dog food, pay gas bill, submit assignment…etc to do list kind of stuff.’ So it took me a while to get around to it, too long as it turns out. My GP didn’t know what to do with my smear so referred me to a specialist. I remember being sat in the specialist’s office with words like ‘abnormal, cancer, rare type and hysterectomy’ hitting me like bullets.  I drove home by myself not really sure what to do with the information and how to tell my husband and family without scaring them. 

Turning to Dr Google!

So I did what any self-respecting woman does and turned to Dr Google for the real information. Of course, I scared myself silly and then ensued a few weeks of insomnia, mad midnight google sessions and a bit of a new perspective on my daily life. I was seeing things through the ‘diagnosis goggles’ that I talk to my clients about. Thank god for my clients actually as our sessions really helped me to keep perspective and find relaxation. 

First step was some surgery to remove part of my cervix, which was all completed fine and dandy. The thing that was haunting me was the next stage, which apparently was ‘hysterectomy as soon as possible’. The one saving grace in all this is that I already had my two beautiful little girls. I knew from reading the support forums that other women were facing the same diagnosis and hadn’t yet had their families so I was and still am incredibly grateful each and every day for that. I was absolutely gutted for the other women.

How I changed my journey

But here comes the moral of the story. I switched doctors. Something within me was telling me that there was another way, that the hysterectomy wasn’t the one and only solution to this problem. And guess what? I’m sat here today with everything still intact.

My new doctor agreed it wasn’t completely necessary – that we could treat it in a different way and monitor it instead. 

And that’s why I’m telling you this story because I’ve seen it time and time again with my clients – seeking a second opinion is not wrong or bad – it sometimes completely transforms your journey and outcome. Yes it’s hard, a bit icky and puts you outside your comfort zone but your health and happiness come first.

Never be afraid to question, feel empowered and take control of your situation, whatever that may be. 

So two lessons learned here:

1. Get your regular pap smears

2. Don’t be afraid to seek out alternative solutions to those presented to you.

It might just be the one thing that changes everything for you. 

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