Your Fertility Hub is on a mission to change infertility

Through empowering information, inspiring stories and practical tools, we want to help thousands of women feel more positive about their fertility journeys and to be in the best possible place to become a mum.

We are specialists in the emotional side of fertility and firmly believe this is the missing link in many women’s fertility journeys. It’s not everything; infertility is often a combination of many factors and is treated by a combination of things BUT when you combine mind and body – that’s where the magic happens.

What we believe

  • We believe mindset and the emotional side of fertility are massively underestimated. We’ve seen firsthand the transformation that’s possible just by reducing stress, dealing with any issues and freeing the mind. (Read more here…)
  • We believe that most women feel confused, stressed and unsupported and we want that to change. We’re here to provide you with lots of new ideas, ways to relax and recommendations to optimise your fertility.
  • We want to bring women together, reduce isolation and build a supportive community of women taking charge of their fertility and sharing their journeys to support others.
  • We love to be positive and help you feel that way too, but we recognise it’s a bumpy journey so are here to support you on the down days with practical coping strategies and advice.

We want Your Fertility Hub to feel like being wrapped in a cosy blanket and being handed a warm mug of cocoa.

But it’s also more than that. When you’re ready to throw off the blanket, turn hope into action and harness the power of ‘YOU’ – Your Fertility Hub has a host of tools, techniques, and suggestions to build you up, banish that negative mind chatter and prepare your mind and body to get pregnant.

a couple looking at laptopWhat we have to offer

At Your Fertility Hub, you can browse all the FREE articles, ideas, interviews and stories with more added each week, you can take online courses, access intensive fertility coaching and you can join the Toolbox FREE members group where you get free fertility goodies, exclusive content from guest experts and access to a community of women who are there to support and help you on your way.

You’re not alone, so don’t go it alone. The answers might already be there.

The journey at Your Fertility Hub doesn’t stop at the two pink lines either. We’re here to ease you through pregnancy and prepare you for birth with specific pregnancy and parenting information related to fertility. We’re also here to support you with other paths to parenthood like surrogacy and adoption and also with choosing to live a childfree life.

Our big worldly, lofty aim is to open up the conversation about fertility.

Our aim is to take the silent heartbreak out from the homes of the millions of sufferers by telling the world all about it and what we need them to do. We want to teach workplaces how to become more ‘fertility friendly’, guide your friends and family on how to help you and encourage doctors and practitioners to start incorporating more psychological techniques as well as physiological ones to make fertility care more holistic.

We want to shout this message from the rooftops or alternatively, you can politely invite us to speak at your event!

If you’re new here, visit our Getting Started page so we can show you around and make you feel at home.

fertility coach, fertility supportMeet Karenna

Hi, I’m Karenna, an international fertility coach, blogger, podcaster, speaker and founder of Your Fertility Hub. After working with clients in private practice for many years, in 2017 I realised a dream of taking my tools and techniques online and building a community of women going through it together. I know how powerful tools and support have been for my clients and I desperately wanted to help more women improve their fertility and make their lives more positive through it all.

Getting personal

I am a mum to two gorgeous girls and firmly believe that I took a shortcut on my fertility journey by using my tools and techniques (you can read more on this below).

As well as a fertility coach, I am a fully-qualified antenatal teacher and HypnoBirthing Practitioner and love all things fertility, pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Originally from England, I now live and practice in Australia where the sun shines a bit more often! When I’m not working on Your Fertility Hub or with clients, you’re most likely to find me with my family, out in nature, with an empty chocolate wrapper or with my nose in a book.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. Every so often, I’ll blog about me or behind the scenes at Your Fertility Hub which you can read below.

Let’s get started on getting to know you and how we can help you!

Behind The Scenes

Learn a little bit more about Karenna and what goes on behind the scenes at Your Fertility Hub.

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