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Through empowering, evidence-based information, inspiring stories and practical wellness tools, we want to help thousands of women feel more positive about their fertility journeys and to be in the best possible place to become a mum.

We are on a mission to change the experience of infertility to be more positive. We’ve seen the power and success of our wellness tools and ongoing support and our aim is to widen out our reach and make the journey a better one for everyone going through it.

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We are a profit-for-purpose organisation supporting infertility and miscarriage charities worldwide.

Reaching over 200,000 people globally and with over 3000 members of our innovative Toolbox app – we’re changing the way people experience and talk about infertility.

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“This is the most positive I’ve felt in over 2 years. Genuinely since finding your podcast and the Toolbox, it’s lifted everything 10x. This has changed everything – I feel so much better. It just hit home on so many things.”







Your Fertility Toolbox

Your Fertility Toolbox is a web-based app and online complete fertility wellness centre that helps women trying to conceive to shift towards better emotional and physical health during infertility and to feel supported every step of the way.

We help women endure and overcome the stresses and strains of infertility through expert and peer-to-peer support, positive coaching and mindset tools, whilst providing evidence-based classes, information and inspiration on living a healthy lifestyle through diet, movement and holistic health.

What people are saying…

What Bayley is saying

“Thank you for creating this wonderful space. It has helped me more than you will ever know!” Now 23 weeks!!

What Bridget is saying...

“I sent it to my specialist and she has said congratulations!! It’s real. For the first time in 5 years of trying, I’m pregnant! I have no doubt that all the tools in here have helped me calm my body and mind so much to help this finally happen!!”

What Hannah is saying...

“The most helpful thing I found when I was in a dark place, is hearing other people’s stories and realising I wasn’t alone. This toolbox gives you access to others who are in similar situations and seeking support & care from one another, without judgment.”

What Kirsty is saying

I am so pleased I have found ‘your fertility toolbox’, even if you are halfway around the world to me! It has been so helpful during this time & I’m confident it is going to make a difference for starting & during our next cycle. 

 I listen to your podcast almost everyday & you have truly helped me understand a lot about myself, other people’s journeys & everything we are going through, so thank you!”

What Stephanie is saying

“When I first got to see inside the Toolbox I was blown away. It wasn’t the same old Facebook group that I’ve seen from everyone else. It was a lovely, peaceful, calming space filled with resources to help support me on my IVF journey. Thank you for creating this Karenna.”

What Kate is saying

“I’ve been shocked by the lack of empathy and support offered to couples going through infertility. So much so that I started looking for help myself and stumbled across your website. I have signed up to Your Fertility Toolbox and found it really helpful.”

What Dani is saying...

“I’ve had to block social media, I can’t cope with pregnancy announcements popping up. It puts me in a black hole for days. I also end up scrolling the fertility groups and never feel better. A private community focused on inspiring each other is just what the infertility community needs.”

What Kirsty is saying...

“I first found this group after our miscarriage last year and was looking for support, but learning from you and understanding how stress can impact your fertility & many other things is one of the biggest kick-up-the-bum to make a change in some habits I needed!

During these lockdowns, it has really shown me how stressed I was before. Without I don’t think I would have made the positive changes to my stress levels, healthier eating or even just fitting in some ‘me’ time again. “

What Priya is saying...

“Thank you so much! I have signed up for the toolbox 🙂 You are amazing! Cannot tell you how grateful I am to you and your podcasts. I’ve been following a lot of people on Instagram and joined this support group and you are by far the most helpful person out there! I cannot recommend you enough to people.”

What Danielle is saying...

The support is great, there are so many useful features and no judgement!”

What Jane is saying...

“Thank you so much for what you do, no one is talking about this and they should be. It’s absolutely vital…”

What Julia is saying...

“I’m so appreciative of the information and support your Toolbox provides – this is exactly what I need right now! I found such comfort in your positivity and calm approach”

What Louise is saying

“Without emotional support in my first cycle of IVF, I have no doubt it wouldn’t have been successful. I can’t believe the difference it’s made.”

What Sarah is saying...

“Your website has brought me such peace. Thank you so much.”

What Simone is saying...

The tools and support from Your Fertility Toolbox make what sometimes seems impossible, entirely possible!

What Angela is saying

“Before I joined here, I was constantly researching and reading posts. I found it just stressed me out more. This is completely different to what else is out there. It’s the only one I use now because it keeps me sane!”

What Sarah G is saying...

“I guess I needed not to feel alone in this. I needed to feel like there are others that get it, that don’t offer unsolicited advice, that I can turn to for support and comfort. This has been a favourite space for me. I come and go, but know it’s always there.”

What Valentine is saying...

“A million thanks for all you are doing for women going through this incredibly hard and heartbreaking journey to motherhood for so many of us”





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A message from our founder

Welcome to Your Fertility Hub –

a hub for all things fertility and a hug for everyone going through it!

Karenna Wood, founder of Your Fertility Toolbox app

Hi, I’m Karenna Wood, fertility coach, FEMTECH expert and founder of Your Fertility Hub and app Your Fertility Toolbox. I’m passionate about getting the right information and support into the hands of couples trying to conceive.

Going through infertility can be very overwhelming, we’re here to provide a whole-health approach to fertility and give access to support, information and practical tools

I’ve been working in the fertility sector and coaching women for nearly a decade and in 2017 started Your Fertility Hub to spread knowledge, tools and support to women all over the world.

Karenna Wood, international fertility coach and founder of Your Fertility Hub

Watch this quick video to hear more about me and my journey to creating Your Fertility Hub.

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Our promise:

We promise we will…

  • be a safe place for inspiration, light, hope, and positivity
  • be here to support and guide clients, referring to psychology professionals where appropriate. We are not a replacement for in-house counselling or psychotherapy, but a perfect complement to it
  • focus on an evidence-based approach to overall mind and body health
  • challenge members and clients to think differently, reduce stress and shift to a healthier mindset
  • be focused and champion the absolute importance of wellness DURING infertility
  • be very different to most infertility online communities - no talk of treatment, clinics or recommendations - we talk about individuals and how they feel about what's going on
  • be respectful of privacy – all data & communication is handled confidentially behind the scenes