A new book, Detours, published by a group of women from the Resolve fertility support group in San Diego is proving there’s more than one way through and out of infertility.

The book details the journeys of 10 women and how they each navigated infertility and found their way out, including multiple IVFs, IUIs, more clomid than you could shake a stick at, surrogacy, adoption, miscarriage, loss and for one choosing to remain child-free after a long journey.

Each couple’s TTC journeys

Each haunting chapter takes you on a journey with each couple letting you in on their ups and downs, the tough decisions and the heartbreak, yet ultimately the sheer determination and positivity are what shines through.

Here we share a small extract from each story to inspire you to navigate your own way through and to learn the value of finding your #ttcsisters along the way.

1. Sue | TTC 10 years

Detours: Unexplained infertility, combination ZIFT/IVF – Sue is now a campaigner and fertility support advocate. You can read Sue’s in-depth story here and also listen to her podcast interview

“I went into a tailspin. I curled up into the fetal position and didn’t get out of bed for days”

2. Felice | TTC 2 years

Detours: IVF, FET

“Even now, when I think about my infertility journey, I am reminded of the daily feelings of loss and lack of control.”

3. Lee | TTC 13 years

Detours: Unexplained infertility, donor egg

“After each hurdle we overcame, each failure we endured, we would discuss our future, hashing out how far we wanted to take this and our options.”

4. Susie | TTC 11 years

Detours: IVF, Surrogacy

“It turned us into crazy people we didn’t even recognise. Nothing rocked my world like the pain of negative IVF pregnancy tests. Hope my friend, Hope my enemy!”

5. Christina | TTC 5 years

Detours: Unexplained infertility, child-free

“Sometimes life doesn’t give us what we think we want, but we still end up with unexpected rewards and exceptionally fulfilled lives.”

6. CJ | TTC 10 years

Detours: ICSI, FET, Vanishing Twin

“Every time we knew this would be the time. Everyday life was getting harder as it seems we were getting passed by.”

7. Michelle | TTC 7 years

Detours: Blocked fallopian tubes, IVF

“Nothing about infertility is simple. Each time you hope and pray this will be the last procedure. With every twist and turn, I prayed it would stop so I could get off and regain my life.”

8. Claire | TTC 5 years

Detours: Multiple miscarriages, adoption

“A faithful sisterhood, a devoted husband and compassionate friends are motivating lifelines. But when it’s time to look inside your uterus, an organ that has failed to embrace your many pregnancies, it’s hard not to feel all alone.”

9. Jenn | TTC 6 years

Detours: Unexplained infertility, donor egg, FET, adoption

“Our sadness and suffering were simply too much and we could tell how uncomfortable conversations had become, so we chose to suffer silently, sucking it up and being happy for our loved ones.”

10. Katie | TTC 6 years

Detours: Anovulation, multiples with IUI

“I am an eternal optimist; I usually don’t get sad, but this was beginning to break me. I had taken all those drugs, I had allowed myself to dream. All those hopes – gone again.”

The male experience of infertility is talked about too 

Not forgetting the boys, chapter 8 is penned by Sue’s husband, Capt Robert Johnson, who talks about his military career and how it negatively impacted their fertility journey. It’s a fascinating insight into the male perspective on infertility and shows how the despair felt during infertility is felt just as keenly on both sides of the fence.

 If you’re experiencing detours on your fertility journey, make sure you connect and find your sisterhood (Join Your Fertility Toolbox to access our exclusive support community).

To read the full stories, purchase a copy of ‘Detours: Unexpected Journeys of Hope Conceived from Infertility’ with a portion of the proceeds going to Resolve.

“Be your own compass”