Learn our top 10 tips to develop a healthy mindset during infertility from fertility coach, Karenna Wood

Mindset is defined as a person’s way of thinking or their opinions. Most of us think of our mindset as a fixed element, but in reality, our mindset is open to change.

Changing your mindset can radically transform how you experience your everyday life and how you approach your fertility journey. Ok, we admit it’s not easy to change but it’s well worth the effort!

You can’t change your situation, but you can change how you THINK about your situation

 This quote is never truer than during infertility! We’re here to help you create a more positive mindset and to navigate the rocky road of infertility with some more tools to support you. Join our FREE toolbox to access lots of free tools to support you emotionally. 

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Now onto our Top 10 tips for a healthy mindset during infertility

1. Set small tangible goals

When you think about the big goal of ‘getting pregnant’ – it’s too big and uncontrollable. Break down your goals into small steps and into goals you have control of and can achieve. If you’re working on your fertility diet, set some goals around that and celebrate when you achieve them. Or if you’re preparing for IVF, work out what steps you need to get until that first appointment. Listen to our special podcast on goal-setting during infertility to find out more.

2. Write a journal/gratitude diary

Writing things down helps our brains process our thoughts. At the end of every day, jot down your thoughts and worries and it can help ease the stress and help you sleep. You can add to this by thinking of 3 things you were grateful for that day. This is extremely powerful in helping you see what is good in your life right now – something we never give enough focus too! Learn more about the power of gratitude here.

3. Eat healthily and exercise

How you treat your body, can really affect your mindset. When you’re feeling healthy in body, it helps your mind to feel healthy too and vice versa. You may already be following a specific fertility diet or just looking for more ways to be healthy. Being active and eating fresh, unprocessed foods is a great way to boost your mood and help you feel more positive. 

4. Acceptance

Always a tough one, but trying to find some acceptance of where you are can be hugely beneficial to your mindset. Rather than spending your day ‘fighting’ your infertility, find ways to accept where you are right now and think positively for the future. It’s not easy and some days, it’s impossible! Start by assessing how you think about your infertility – are your thoughts healthy?

5. Get Support

You can’t do this alone. Who is your support team? Be specific and ask for what you need. Know who is best to turn to on your bad days and your good days. Find that one person who can help you when you feel your mindset is straying to negative town!

6. Give back to others

Infertility can be all-consuming. Sometimes the best way to break an unhealthy mindset is to do something for others – volunteer at a charity, help a neighbour or join something where you can support others. Whatever it is, make it something in-person where you get to interact and see the positive benefits of giving back straightaway. This can really help you get perspective and start altering your fertility mindset.

7. Mindfulness

Being ‘in the moment’ rather than lost in your thoughts is a great way to help change your mindset. It can take practice, but start by listening to a song or going for a walk in nature and every time you’re pulled away by a thought, bring yourself back to the present moment. After a while, you will start to feel the benefits of it and the great news is – it’s cumulative! Meaning the more you do it, the more benefits you will feel. Find out more about how mindfulness can be your secret weapon during infertility here and download free fertility-specific meditations in the FREE Toolbox

8. Focus on what you do have

Infertility is about what you don’t have (yet!). All around you people have their babies and your focus becomes all about what you’re lacking in your life. Switch that focus to an ‘abundance mindset’. Experts say focusing on what you have in your life (much like the gratitude exercise in number 2) can help switch your mindset around and make the laws of attraction work for you, not against you! 

9. Have your ‘pick me up’ tools ready

There are going to be those days when you just want to hide in bed and that’s ok! Try put a time limit on your pity party or crying moment and know what helps you build yourself back up. Is it a song? A certain person? Or an activity? Have your pick me up tools on hand for when the infertility rollercoaster dips down.

10. Don’t catastrophise!

We all do it, we allow our thoughts to spiral after one negative blow. Here’s the thing – only you can stop this from happening! You are in control of your thoughts so don’t let things spiral downwards.  Worrying about the worst-case scenario can’t always help you. Worrying is there to help you plan a way out of something, but when it gets out of control it can do a lot of damage. Learn more about worrying here and access our unique online ‘Your Fertility Worries’ course for just $27 here. 

If you need more support for your fertility mindset, make sure you join our FREE toolbox and if you want more specific tailored support, book fertility coaching directly with Karenna here. 

Much love x

Karenna Wood

Karenna Wood

Fertility Coach, Founder of Your Fertility Hub

Karenna Wood is an international fertility coach, founder of Your Fertility Hub and passionate advocate for more emotional support and information for women trying to get pregnant. She’s an expert in mind-body tools and when not blogging, podcasting, coaching or speaking is…fast asleep!